Can your clothing improve your performance?

  • 21st July 2016
  • By supersport

Technology doesn’t just apply to items such as mobile phones or computers, it also applies to the clothing we wear.

Clothing manufactures including ourselves use technology to improve the feel of the garment whether it is moisture wicking to draw the sweat away from the body or areas of compression to aid key muscle groups, as time moves on technology improves and the better the athlete becomes. Or do they?

Let’s take a closer look at what the techniques actually do.

With the sun beating down (for a limited time only) people are now looking to compete in various sports, but need to stay cool for comfort reasons as well as health. To aid with this moisture wicking technology draws sweat and perspiration off the skin to the outside of the fabric. It works by absorbing and spreading the moisture across the fabric to enhance the drying rate therefore keeping the body cool, meaning you can push harder towards your goals.

This technology will be widely used at this year’s Rio Olympics, with temperature hitting as high as 33 degrees along with high humidity, the athletes need to keep cool for both performance but more importantly health reasons. So it works! Keeping cool will help you to compete to the highest standard possible, and in sports that have a margin as small as 0.01 secs every little helps.

But is technology the be all and end all? How else can your clothing improve your performance?

The quote “look good, feel good” does exactly what is says. By looking good your confidence is high, you walk taller with an added spring in your step. It is a similar effect you get to when endorphins are released when exercising. Whether you are competing in a triathlon or playing Sunday league at your local playing fields looking good can give you the extra 1% you need to be a winner. But what is defined as looking good? Is it a kit that looks like the best in the world, the likes of Barcelona, Usain Bolt or Harlem Globetrotters? Or is it something that is totally unique to you and your team?

Having pride in what you wear gives you a boost that no one can take away. With that in mind it is time to be the best you can be, show your competitors you mean business and reach the highest heights in your very own custom design kit. Get in touch today on 01538 386226 or email: