Make your brand stand out.

  • 16th August 2016
  • By supersport

When it comes to promoting a brand, companies will spend thousands of pounds on nonphysical items such as website, google ad campaigns and crm software, but are reluctant to spend money on looking professional when meeting customers.

We all know first impressions count and when it comes to looking the part, we believe the best way to do this is with embroidered workwear. Whether it is a dress shirt, polo or woolly hat your brand will stand out with our first class embroidery.

As a company we have over 20 years’ experience with embroidered items and have progressed over the years from being able to do small numbers on everyday items to having the ability to run 22 machine heads simultaneously on any item, from a sweatshirt to a players kit bag, we are also able to embroider baseball caps on the back as well as the front. Our embroidery manager has been with us for 18 years as has perfected the skill of knowing what will work best for the individual person. He is able to match the colour of the thread to a company colour to keep within the brand guidelines and to maximise the exposure of the brand on the specific item. When a request comes in that is out of the ordinary he is able to quickly find the best solution for the company.

If you are a new customer of Supersport we can take your logo in any format, e.g. jpeg, pdf and transform it into a DST file ready for embroidery, this can be done for any image no matter how simple or complex it may be. To ensure you are happy we will make a sample of your logo on a swatch of fabric for you to approve before anything happens with your item of clothing. The item of clothing can be supplied by us or you can bring in your own garments for us to embroidery at no extra cost.

Once we have finished embroidering your item will be passed over to quality control to ensure it passes our high standards, from there we will happily photograph your item and post on social media to give the company added exposure.

We are proud to have worked with over 700 schools, and 2000 companies and clubs such as Strata Windows, Staffordshire University, Stoke City FC.

To have you brand stand out from the crowd email: or call: 01538 386226